Racehorse Training

James Moffatt provides a holistic approach to training horses and believes the key to a successful racehorse is a relaxed happy horse.  This is achieved by providing a comfortable environment and a tailored training regime for each individual horse.  James Moffatt always bears this mantra in mind when he trains his horses, ‘The more a horse relaxes, the more he eats,  the more he will eat the more work you can give him, the more work you give him the fitter he gets and the fitter he will get the more races he will win’.

James Moffatt takes a very organised but relaxed approach to exercising and training horses and deals with any minor behaviour issues before they become major problems.  All horses are trained using the Interval Training Method.

James Moffatt has learnt through his experience as a jockey working for yards including;  Tommy Stack, Sue and Harvey Smith, Howard Johnson and Jim Old that training horses requires a lot of effort, care, hard graft and dedication James Moffatt is continuously  developing a formula that ensure that the horses in his care can become winners.

Owner Experience

James Moffatt appreciates that owning a racing horse gives owners the opportunity to escape from their busy lives, have fun and enjoy the racing world.  James Moffatt ensures that owning a racing horse is an exciting past time by regularly entering horses in races and

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The Facilities

In order to facilitate a successful training regime James Moffatt has spent thirty years improving and developing a range of activities to bring out the winner in many racehorses.  Racehorses in his care are able to experience the following facilities; 7 1/2 furlong all weather

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Racehorses for Sale

If you are considering in investing in a racehorse James Moffatt is able to help you choose one that has the potential to win races and make your experience of being a racehorse owner both enjoyable and profitable. James Moffatt has worked extensively with Bloodstock Agents,

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The James Moffatt racing stables provides what is considered by many racehorse owners as the best owner experience available anywhere. By letting our owners have unprecedented access to their own horses – free and at any time – and by adopting a welcoming but straight-talking

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James has been involved in horse racing all his life ;
Jockey from 1988 - 2002
Trainer 2003 - present day.