The Facilities

In order to facilitate a successful training regime James Moffatt has spent thirty years improving and developing a range of activities to bring out the winner in many racehorses.  Racehorses in his care are able to experience the following facilities;

  • 7 1/2 furlong all weather woodchip gallop.
    • Purpose built on natural topography.
    • Rises 302ft from the bottom to the top.
    • Unique layout allows it to be used for speed, stamina and hill work.
    • We believe it to be the best gallop in the north of England.
  • Furlong round rail warm out exercise ring.
  • 6 furlong round grass gallop.
  • Race standard 3 base starting stalls.
  • A lane of 4 fences with an open ditch.
  • A lane of five flights of hurdles.
  • 60 acres of open grassland and access to Hampsfell, which is 400 acres.
  • Quiet road exercise around Cartmel.
  • Hay Gain – Hay Steamer.
  • Horse Weigh – weighing machine.
  • 5 bay horse walker.
  • 2 isolation boxes.
  • 4 day turnout paddocks.
  •  50 acre turnout field.
  • A nearby livery yard.
  • Straight 5 furlong additional grass paddock.
  • Our own transport, which reduces the cost of hiring.
  • One bay trailer.

The facilities have evolved to accommodate the caring philosophy and ever increasing efficiency of our training regime.